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And here is another case: a client bought an unfinished country house for 8,000,000 rubles. I didn't come out to inspect the property before the auction. I looked at analogues on the network, believing that I would resell it for at least 11,000,000 rubles. But the technical problems identified in the house do not allow it to be sold today even for 7,500,000 rubles

In commercial real estate, too, I had to see objects in which investments exceeded all the benefits from buying it out at auction.

Mistake No. 4. Do not consider investments in time.

It is better to buy an object for 7,000,000 rubles, resell it in two months for 8,500,000, pay 13% tax on the price difference and reinvest the money again with the profit. When buying an object from an auction, they often cling to a figure, not taking into account that the market is changing dynamically.

The client, despite my negative conclusions, bought an unfinished house in an elite cottage village of the Moscow region from an auction for 26,000,000 rubles.


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